vvv company

About us

VVV Company is one of Russia's pioneers in leading industrial warehousing development, management and operations, specializing in both dry storage and refrigerated terminals. Since 1993, VVV Company has systematically developed, leased and operated over 400,000 M2 of multi class industrial warehousing facilities in and around Moscow. Over the years, VVV Company has developed a thorough understanding of its core business as well as the warehousing market, and has been growing its business by helping over 300 tenants grow theirs.

Our client relationships are among our greatest competitive assets. VVV Company works proactively to deepen and enrich these relationships through disciplined growth, innovation, and seamless execution

Russian-owned, based, and Russia-focused, VVV Company is comprised of experienced Russian, European and American leadership setting the company's current business strategy, and going forward, Russia's largest to -date Regional Network of Warehousing expansion development.

VVV Company successfully combines Russian Management skills with Western style operations & work ethic experience to provide effective warehousing solutions in order to meet the growing demands of its tenants.

Our experience and familiarity of the business and political environment let's us effectively manage and operate one of the largest warehousing complexes in Moscow today. Our wide network of contacts allows us the opportunity to alleviate some of the challenges effecting our and our client's growth.

With over 1,000 employees, VVV Company's multi-national leadership team brings calculated, clear vision solutions to the unprecedented demand for warehousing development growth presented within economically & socially developing Russian Regions.

Specializing in leasing beyond the "big empty box/shed", VVV Company (along with its partners/affiliates) successfully integrated an array of value added services suited to fit the needs of all size and the commercial activities of tenants.

Current pool of over 300 tenants is composed of small domestic distributors, requiring between 300-1,000 M2, to large multi-national FMCG producers or importers, commending between 10,000 - 50,000 M2.

In the process of accommodating the growing demand from western tenants, VVV Company is actively engaged in creating branch offices in locations across North America and Europe.